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Dog bridesmaids and bridesman are in a wonderful wedding

They want everyone to remember that dogs are family

Dog bridesmaids and bridesman are in wonderful wedding

We got married in August 2017 and back then we had only one dog – Fenris. He couldn’t assist us in the church (although I dreamed he could be a ring bearer), but he was our no.1 wedding guest.

This year we took the wedding photoshoot again to celebrate our first anniversary and this time we had two gorgeous fluffy partners – Fenris and Björn.

What we’re doing is not only about nice pictures – we want everyone to remember that dogs are family and that they can and should be part of the most important moments in life. Here in Poland, there are lots of people that think of dogs as alarms, bodyguards, decoration, basically as things. They can’t imagine taking dogs on vacation, weekend trips or going to a restaurant with them. We want to change that by showing how precious the bond between a human and a dog can be. We travel a lot with our dogs, we can’t imagine spending a single holiday trip without them.

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Our whole family in one picture

Dogs are off their leashes – they’re well trained and calm

They look so happy, I think in some way they are happy for us

This walk is a dream come true – nature, beautiful weather and our loved ones

I chose a dress that would match my baby’s fur

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