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Dog spends 2 days on frozen rail tracks trying to save his injured friend

This heartwarming story from western Ukraine tells a tale of true friendship and love coming from the animal kingdom.

The bond between man and dog is known to be strong and inseparable, but what of the bond between dog and dog? More specifically, a brother and sister dog?

This heartwarming story from western Ukraine tells a tale of true friendship and love coming from the animal kingdom. A dog spent two days protecting an injured buddy that couldn’t move from the tracks.

Facebook user Denis Malafeev posted pictures of the two dogs that he found at a small train station not far from the town of Uzhgorod.

One of the dogs appeared to have been injured by a train and couldn’t move from the tracks, so the other stayed there for two days keeping his friend warm and protecting her from oncoming trains by holding her down with his weight as the train passed just above their heads.

“He kept her warm for two days under the constant threat of danger! I don’t know what to call it: instinct, love, friendship, attachment. I only know this: not every human is capable of this. We should all learn from it!” Malafeev wrote on his Facebook page. 

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Now that's loyalty! How many people do you know what would get run over for you?!DETAILS:

Posted by RT Play on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

For those who may be wondering why the person filming was not helping the dogs, it was due to the male dog’s protective nature. He would react aggressively to anyone who tried to approach them and would start biting in order to keep his sister safe. It took a lot of patient waiting before the dogs were in a state to let people come close to them and help them. The person who captured the footage wanted to show how the dogs were protective of one another, while also keeping an eye on them to try and save them.

Thankfully, the dogs were able to be rescued in the end, and you can see they’re happy and healthy once again. It’s truly amazing and inspiring the love and care the two siblings have for one another

The animals have since then been adopted and named Panda and Lucy.

Posted by Денис Малафеев on Monday, December 26, 2016


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